What’s wrong with me? Do I have to change who I am to make my relationship work?!


What’s Wrong With Me That I Cannot Keep My Relationships?

Stop buying the bullshit

There is nothing wrong with you, except maybe your “stinking thinking!” You are perfectly made. You don’t have to change who you are in order to make someone else happy!

  • Question: Then how do I find AND KEEP the love of my life?
  • Answer: Be your fully expressed, authentic self.


Do you know who you are separate from whoever you date?

Are you secretly, truly, a woman who loves to overeat, loves to speak your loud, raucous opinions, loves to dance and have a lot of fun?

But when you’re with a man, you try to cram yourself into

  • “tiny” outfits,
  • eat salads,
  • be “nice” (oh barf) and
  • contain your wildness because that’s what Men’s Health said men want in their latest article?

Sound familiar?

Shut the front door

a heavy man meditating, relationships don't workThat is ridiculous. I worked with a coaching client on owning her loud mouth, her proud opinions, and her voluptuous body. It took her a few years to drop all of her judgments about herself, but when she finally did, guess what happened?

Man of her dreams showed up!

He is as equally loud, large and outspoken and he LOVES her confidence, personality, opinions and sexy ways!

She would have missed out on him if she had continued to cram herself into those little boxes, those judgments, and that size 4 skirt from 20 years ago.

Your Value has everything to do with YOU

Your value has NOTHING to do with your size, how “sweet” you are, how “feminine” you are or any of that other bullshit.

Your value has everything to do with being YOU! When you stop acting like you’re broken, or have some missing piece, that’s when everything you want shows up and brings that ridiculous happiness you’ve been chasing.

Stop chasing happiness! Stop chasing the man. Stop contorting yourself.


  • Find you.
  • Express yourself.
  • Love yourself.
  • Acknowledge yourself.
  • Play.
  • Create.
  • Find, earn and build your confidence.
  • Be the woman you were intended to be.

And you will become irresistible to the men who you will actually FIT with!


What’s Wrong With Me? There’s Nothing Wrong With You

Except your judgments about all of the things that are wrong with you!! Let that shit go! It’s holding you back from your own happiness!