People look at me like I am crazy when I say that. When you get the stomach flu, what do you learn? Do you learn that you hate cleaning the toilet? Do you learn that you need to clean your toilet more often? Are you reminded that you hate cleaning the toilet? WHAT IF you looked at your body pain as a profound healing experience where your awareness and your spirit EXPAND?

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality – Here is How To Use Your Body Pain as Your Biggest Gift

When you get the stomach flu, do you take time to check in with your inner wisdom, with your inner guidance, to see what in your spirit is out of alignment that would cause your body pain or illness?
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Many people don’t realize that their thoughts are creating their reality. That your emotional state is creating your physical body reactions.
It would probably make sense to you if I said that, when you get nervous speaking in front of a group of people,  your palms would sweat and your heart would race.
Wouldn’t it?
You’re nervous (emotional state) = Palms sweat and heart races (physical body reactions)
But, If I were to tell you that when you get a bladder infection (physical body reaction), it’s probably because you’re pissed off in an infected way (emotional state).
Would you disagree with me and tell me that you got some bacteria instead?

In Reality What is the Difference?

If a group of people makes you feel scared and you start sweating, how is that different from being pissed off and then experiencing actually being pissed off in your physical body?
Am I the only one who thinks like this? Because, I was recently accused of being a unicorn.

Using Body Pain as a Gift

I know that when I get sick, it’s because I haven’t been doing the level of self-care that my spirit needs in order to accelerate or graduate to the next level of spiritual freedom for which I am ready. I know that if I spend the amount of time necessary on taking care of myself, I won’t be sick. If I get sick, I clear my schedule and immediately start doing whatever necessary to love and care for myself.
I would never get sick if there wasn’t a need. My body PHYSICALLY REACTING was an indicator something was going on Spiritually/Emotionally!
Use your body pain as a gift! If you want to learn more about the meaning of body pain or more about how to use it as a gift, then please scroll to the bottom of this blog and click on the ‘breakthrough/sign me up’ button.

I Am A Unicorn!

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Since I am Human, a busy Mom, an Entrepreneur and a very invested Life Partner – I sometimes believe that I run out of time. (That’s also an illusion, but also another blog post). The reality is, sometimes we just don’t make time for the things that are truly most important for us. (We generally do this because of some self-sabotaging apparatus inside of us, but that’s not for this blog post either, that’s for a blog post about how you can clear your limiting thoughts to stop self-sabotaging). The point is, I run out of time and I don’t make it a priority to do the self-care I need for my own spiritual awareness.

My body is going to make sure that I evolve in the time that I need to. It’s a soul contract.
I don’t really believe that I have the ability to avoid the learning that is coming to me. I do believe, that if I avoid the learning that is coming to me, I will get the lesson in another way.  Sometimes in a very PAINFUL way!  One of the most common ways of getting the lesson is to get sick.

Taking Care Of Yourself – You Create Your Body Pain

What other time do you spend laying flat on your back resting all day, taking care of yourself, taking a bath, doing whatever you need to do to regenerate? Other than being sick, when else do we do this?
What if we did it every day? Would we avoid getting sick? The research says we would.
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Most of us do not take the time that is needed to keep our immune system at its best, and to keep ourselves in a parasympathetic nervous state.

Most of us spend most of our time stressed out, hurried and dumping cortisol and norepinephrine, which is the fight-or-flight response otherwise known as the sympathetic state.  In this state, our primal, reptilian brain kicks in and tells us to either run, fight, or freeze.
The way most of us freeze these days is by watching television when we get home. Or having a beer. Anyway we can to numb out.
By tuning out, we actually allow the body to go back into homeostasis. The crappy part is that we completely miss out on our lives in that moment. Because we are numb to what is happening around us, we end up missing our lives. This makes us feel anxious and depressed. This makes us feel not good enough, like we aren’t being a contribution and all other kinds of nonsense imaginary stories that the Mind conjures up.
It’s a vicious cycle. Work too hard and too long and put yourself in a sympathetic dominance state. Then try to recover from it by numbing out, but may end up missing out on your life, and then you feel guilt and shame about missing out which brings the sympathetic dominance back.

What’s the solution?

Parasympathetic dominance.
How do I get into parasympathetic dominance?
There are many ways to achieve resting and relaxing which will change your physiology and affect your state of mind.
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My favorite things to do are:

  1. Drink hot tea
  2. Color
  3. Sexual pleasure (ooh it’s hard to write that on a public blog post). The reason Tantra works is because all of that pleasure in foreplay puts your body in a parasympathetic nervous state. It’s actually the orgasm that causes the sympathetic nervous system to kick back in. Learning Tantra is one of the best ways to relax and restore your body and love yourself.
  4. Take a bath. Not only is it warm and relaxing, and you can play with bubbles and boats and rubber duckies, but it also moves the lymphatic system and helps you to breathe more deeply. If you want to take it to the next level you can add essential oils which are also very healing and restorative.
  5. Exercise exercise exercise! I can’t say it enough. Exercise is what will keep you young, keep your body regenerating, and make you feel so great.
  6. Get enough SLEEEEEEP. Seriously folks, do not jeopardize yourself on this one. Getting the sufficient seven to eight hours of sleep a day can make all the difference in the world as far as your immune system goes and lowering your inflammation in the body.
  7. An act of spiritual practice. They’re just beginning research that shows how imperative a spiritual practice is. Also many people participate in community for whatever spiritual practice our religion in which they’re involved.
  8. Community. Speaking of community, it’s one of the most important basic needs. Some people are introverted and need time to regenerate alone, and that’s not what I’m talking about. Everyone needs time with others. And we all need each other. And spending time with each other makes us feel good, especially when we are being loving.
  9. Community service. When you do something for someone else and makes you feel good, and anything that makes you feel good boost your immune system and allows your body to release hormones that cause parasympathetic response.
  10. Eat chocolate. We all know that they’re filled with antioxidants, I have no idea if chocolate initiates parasympathetic response, but it definitely soothes my soul.
What other ways do you find relaxes you? What do you like to do to relax, but also to be with yourself. What do you like to do to be very present, not check out or numb I’m out. I would love to hear from you in the comments how to deal and overcome your body pain. 
Want to take it to the next level?


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