The pain body and the astral body, what would it be like for you to have a life of balance, peace and awareness? Work life and home life are in peace and balance. I got to start my life of pretty traumatic, and I’m so lucky because it’s taught me so much.


This Talk is For People Who Have Pain in Their Body



The Awareness Bucket: Noticing Your Painful Thoughts and Body Pain

Balance and Peace

  • Would you like to live a life where you feel BALANCE AND PEACE?
  • Is it WORTH IT to you to have the life you want?
  • Is your HAPPINESS worth working for?

What are the 10 BUCKETS?

I have created a theory: the Work Life Balance Bucket theory that basically says, if your body (Bucket 1), mind (bucket 2), self-love (bucket 3), self-care (bucket 4) and boundaries/worthiness (bucket 5) are all full, then you can start creating peace in your relationships with your children (bucket 6), your significant other (bucket 7), your work relationships (bucket 8), with your higher power (bucket 9) and start thriving in your purpose (bucket 10).

A few years ago, I interviewed men and collected some fantastic data. I love researching, so I’m at it again.


Why am I a valid source to come up with a theory??

  • 20 Years as a body worker
  • Have masters in Mental Health with marriage and family track coursework
  • Been doing inner child work and hypnosis for years
  • Craniosacral and somato-emotional release therapist
  • Studying psychology since 1998
  • Actually came up with the bucket theory in college, around 2000 and have been basing most of the healing work I do with clients on these buckets for the last 5+ years

Bucket #1 is about AWARENESS. How do we gain awareness when we are in denial? We look at the body pain. The body pain will indicate where the dysfunction is.



Body-mind therapy is part of the foundation for the work-life balance buckets.

It is a combination of therapies I have gathered over the years. Other practitioners study and practice different types of body-mind therapies, but what I am referring to is how the emotional body, in response to beliefs and thoughts, contorts itself into positions that represent what is going on emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Your physical body will literally form to match what is happening in your mental body, in your spiritual body, in your emotional body and in your astral body.

Some similar therapies or theories to mine (of which I have studied) would be:

People Carry Their Bodies According to What They Are Thinking

From years of touching people and releasing trigger points and realizing that people carry their bodies according to what they are thinking, I started this practice of helping people release their stored emotional traumas from the tissue, and helped them to start reprogramming how they feel about themselves so that they can literally STAND differently in the world.

To see an example of how Heather personally does this in her own body, make sure to check out the YouTube video above!

Many people know their lives are miserable, and many of us have learned how to block our energy flow. We have prana/chi/energy running through our body, it is our energy/astral body. When it’s healthy, it’s flowing. When we have trauma, we block off the flow.

When you’re 100% open and haven’t shut anything down, you actually feel really good, and pain free.

Shutting Down Our Astral Body

Many of us have shut our astral body down, and we don’t know that we’ve done that. If you broke your wrist, you wouldn’t say, “oh, I broke my wrist and I need you to write for me for the rest of my life.” We would go to the Dr., get a cast, and do physical therapy. We would take care of it because we were taught to do that.

BUT, when you shut down your different energy systems or squeeze off a part of your astral body, it’s like breaking your wrist, but we don’t go and get it fixed! So, we end up with pain in our bodies, just like we would if we broke our wrist.

Staying Shut Down to Avoid Pain

If you lost a lover, or a parent, your heart might shut down to keep from feeling it. The energy in your body is like water, it flows naturally. When the energy is restricted it gets blocked like a damn. People who do bodywork can feel this (you can feel it too, you just maybe haven’t learned yet). The way that you can tell though, is over time, it will display in your pain body.

  • Want to know what is shut down in your energy body? Feel your pain body.
  • Do you have pain in your body? Most people have little tweaks here and there.


Pain Dis-Ease

woman with brown hair and white top in pain, the awareness bucket, work life balanceI like to call pain “dis”-ease (cancer, allergies, asthma etc…) because the energy has been shut down somewhere. Let’s say I have shut my throat chakra down. Then, let’s say you have laryngitis and you come next to me.

Guess what I am going to get? Laryngitis!

Because my throat chakra is shut down and my body is literally saying “you need this pain in order to heal yourself.” This is my theory, not based on medicine, just one what I’ve found in my practice. These issues go away when you invest in yourself to shift this. It’s amazing to see what can happen when you start clearing all of this out. I’ve seen many of my clients do this amazing work.

Using Hypnosis to Remember the Trauma

We even use hypnosis to remember the trauma. It could be something very small, like, “my parents put me to bed early while the rest of the family stayed awake downstairs.” This may not sound like a trauma, but to a young person, it could mean all kind of things. Maybe it feels like they are leaving the child out, or the child feels unwanted or as if they are annoying and being pushed aside.

Using the hypnosis, we reprogram the amygdala part of the brain that believed that it was unwanted or annoying. Click To Tweet

Pain Related to Trigger Points

woman in black and white pyjamas laying on her back and stretching in bed, the awareness bucket, work life balance

I remember learning about a research study where 85% of the people who walked into a pain clinic had “pain” that was related to trigger points! We are talking all kinds of pain, not just shoulder pain, or muscle pain, but even things like “I can’t breath, I’m having an asthma attack, etc…” were actually caused by trigger points! That spot can get pushed on, released and reset. When those spots have emotional energy stored in them as well, just releasing the physical trigger point isn’t going to be enough.

Emotions Create Energy

We are creating with our emotional energy, our heart. We aren’t creating with our thoughts. There is vibration with our emotion. If a physical trauma happens at the same time of an emotional trauma, that also gets stored in the body.

“Your body pain shows you what your thoughts are”

Your body has a language of its own.

It is like an encyclopedia of YOU.

You can literally read your body, and find out, where the trauma’s are, what the thoughts are, what the self-worth and personal value is, all from the body. Click To Tweet

There are 2 ways of doing it,

  1. You can go into your pain and say “wow, I have all of this neck pain, what is it body?” and your body will say “you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders! or
  2. You work with someone, and as they are working on your feet, you start realizing “I’m having trouble moving forward with making a decision,” and that’s why my feet are hurting!


We literally use LANGUAGE to describe our astral body:

  • She is a pain in the neck
  • What a pain in the ass
  • You’re killing me
  • It stopped my heart
  • My heart is broken
  • My heart is on fire!
  • I feel suffocated by him
  • I was all choked up
  • She’s a tight ass

We aren’t in as much denial as we think we are. We are telling ourselves all of the time why we have the pain. Your brain is tricky, and you cannot come out of denial by looking at your thoughts.


What Is It Really You Are Holding?

When you really start working with the astral body, the emotional body, the physical body (NOT the mental yackaty yackaty mental monkey brain runaway train) you can really see what you are holding.

There is magic when you start working with someone you trust. When your body just cant stand the pain any more, you will start looking for healing. Click To Tweet


Don’t Wait for the Pain

My suggestion, don’t wait until your energy body is so depleted that you have pain. Start doing the work now, because I promise you are holding stuff that you want to release.

It’s literally a BOOK we read… we just don’t know we are reading it. You want to know why your life isn’t working? Your body will tell you. Where is the dis-ease in the body? Having asthma? You have a heart chakra issue. Have sinus problems? That’s a third eye chakra issue.

You can come out of denial, and start filling your buckets by becoming aware by listening to your body.

Don’t know how to do it? Contact me and let’s play!


Heather HundhausenOver the years, I have been a serial learner and practitioner, taking in information about psychology, religion, spirituality, science, medicine, quantum physics, relationships, parenting, and overall, general happiness and work-life balance.  I’ve been fascinated in what it takes to and have created my life of pure joy, happiness, balance and peace. It is my mission to spread what I have learned and practiced to you in ways that are simple, easy to understand AND implement.  I have served people in achieving realignment in their bodies, relationships and purpose for over 20 years.  If you liked this article, and you want to read more, please visit one of the links below:

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