signs pointing in different directions in the snow, 10 Buckets for Work Life Balance: #10 Start Thriving and Fulfilling Your Purpose to Pursue Your Calling

“Are you fulfilling your purpose” is a question that keeps people up at night. It’s about as familiar as “who am I?” When we are unsure about who we are, what our gifts are, and crave the fulfillment of using them but aren’t, it can be painful.

    • Are you FULFILLING your purpose?
    • Tired of a crappy old job that doesn’t pay well that you hate going to? 
    • What are your gifts and talents?
    • Do you want to THRIVE not only just make a living, but doing them? 

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Living in the Effortless Flow and Fulfilling Your Purpose

young woman with brown long hair, green parka, big silver earrings and precious smile, asking how do you radiate, fulfilling your purpose to pursue your callingSpending time in the effortless expression of your gifts, and making good money doing it is everyone’s dream.  When you know who you REALLY ARE, why you are here, what your gifts are, then you know you will be fulfilling your purpose in your own personal zone of genius.  People are magnetized and drawn to you when you are in your gifts because they can see it.

Too many of us are not tapped into our gifts and talents. 

We were expected to behave in a specific way, we were taught in school very limited ways of thinking and expressing ourselves.

When you are fulfilling your purpose, you begin living in the effortless flow.  It starts with the curiosity, and we begin following what really feels good.  Eventually, when we follow it long enough, we stand out.  Others will say, “how do you do that?” because what is easy and natural for you, isn’t always an easy or natural thing for someone else.


What we were taught in school

The American public school system is set up to make sure that children all learn basic tools. Reading, math, science, language arts, etc… But, due to testing, especially in the state in which I live, they have gotten rid of many of the arts. Photography, art, woodshop, physical education, critical thinking, music, band, chorus are electives, or specials, if they are even offered at all. The country has devalued these arts and talents.

I just saw a FB post this morning that said, why didn’t we learn how to do our taxes in school? Or how to balance a check book, or how to buy a home? Click To Tweet

poster saying things I never learned in school ... but I sure am glad I know the pythagorean theorem, fulfilling your purpose to pursue your callingGood questions.

There are many people who LOVE these jobs! My best friend was an accountant for many years, and you should hear her talk about budgeting and balancing and worksheets! I have a client who is a lawyer and he loves finding the things that other people miss. But, we don’t teach that in school?

I’m not going to get on a soapbox and talk about the problems in our public school system… I just want to set up the framework, the blueprint, so to speak, for why we don’t learn to step into our gifts.

There are something like 8 different kinds of Intelligence! Not just verbal and mathematical!   But those are the 2 that are focused on in school. We don’t learn anything at ALL about how to increase our natural talents in “interpersonal” intelligence in school! We hardly learn about our musical-rhythmic and harmonic intelligence. How about our naturalist intelligence! Did you even know that was a thing!? Some people have the ability to look at plants and fauna and easily distinguish them!

You have these gifts inside of you. Perhaps, your natural talent is in music, or visual arts, or nature! You didn’t learn this in school. But you know it inside of you. Click To Tweet
  • I can hear a song, and sing it back and play it on the piano. I never knew that was a gift, because it was just so easy for me. But then, I started to realize, some people cannot hear the music, the tones, or even the beat, much less, repeat it back.
  • I have a visual memory. I can remember things we said to each other if I write them down, or if I remember WHERE we were when you said it. Some people aren’t even able to visualize in their minds eye!
  • I can taste food, and go home and recreate it in my own kitchen. I have a profound sense of smell. Some people can’t distinguish smells or tastes.

What is SO easy for you, but very hard for someone else?


Laying The Brand New Tracks

woman with blond hair, jeans jacket, and skirt, standing on rail road tracks, lay the tracks to your new destination, fulfilling your purpose to pursue your callingIt’s like being on a train. It is going down the track and it wants to go somewhere, but sometimes the tracks haven’t been laid. There is a train full of goods or people, and it has to get redirected to another town, because those tracks have been laid.

There are many people who’s gifts are like the unlaid tracks. They know there is another way to go, but that train is barreling, and there are schedules, finances, and deals to be met and made, and they don’t see the possibility of taking the time to get off the train and make tracks in a new direction. Many people see this as too cumbersome … But, it would be a new path for everyone, and everything on the train. It would be a new path of commerce.

Sometimes it’s worth it, to get off the train, and lay the tracks to your new destination. It benefits everyone. Click To Tweet


If I hadn’t STOPPED 5 years ago, I wouldn’t be doing this today. I stopped, and re-evaluated everything I was, all of my gifts and talents, everything I learned up until that point. Fulfilling your purpose to pursue your calling is the goal.

I was finally confident enough, and had learned to love and trust myself enough, that I was ready to get off the train and lay BRAND NEW TRACKS.

I was willing to take my masters in mental health, and combine it with my hands on bodywork experience, and create a new experience. My school had actually told me this was NOT ALLOWED. You cannot touch people as a therapist. And a massage therapist cannot counsel people. Well, I had now been trained in both, and understood on a very deep spiritual level, that people were “not well” because the body, mind, emotions and spirit are all ONE thing, and it cannot be divided and separated up if you want to heal. SO, I figured out how to put my talents together and forge a new path of body-mind therapy!

(The fun part is, people kept telling me, if I was doing it, someone else was doing it too. I had a hard time believing that because we never learned how to do somato-emotional release in school! How could anyone else know about this!? HAHA! Then a few years later, I found CranioSacral Therapy and realized not only was there an entire theory with numerous books about it, there was research and a school!)

One of my recent graduates from my 6-month self-love coaching program, who is still doing business coaching with me part time said, “You have unleashed my gifts!!! I went from making 40k a year at my socially accepted job to now making 6 figures working 10-15 hours a week doing what I love.”


Five Tips For Living In and Fulfilling Your Purpose

      • woman with long brown hair and black and white t-shirt in a mall, with lettering you're got this, fulfilling your purpose to pursue your callingLove yourself enough to give yourself permission to do what you love
      • Acknowledge your gifts, that you have them, that you are naturally able to do some things better than others, and that these are your natural gifts and talents.
      • USE your gifts, even if you are using them in your current sucky job, use them, or do them part time after work. Allow yourself to spend time in the effortless space of doing what you love, and what you are instinctively and intrinsically good at without trying!
      • Don’t be scared, be confident. Learn more about it. Create more around it.
      • Don’t be afraid to forge a new path


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