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Work performance suffers when you aren’t confident, don’t believe in yourself, don’t value yourself or don’t have boundaries!  Are you ready to have your work performance be so phenomenal that your employers can’t help but notice how amazing you are and give you a promotion!?

  • Do you hate your job?
  • Are you tired of being in a position where you know you aren’t using your strengths?
  • Do you feel like they are taking advantage of you at work?
  • Are you tired of office gossip?
  • Do you want to be compensated for your work performance? 
  • How about being PAID, to be YOU, in your gifts and talents?

Here is what I have to say about Increasing Your Work Performance:


Self-Care Leads To A Professional Advancement 

10 buckets – The first 5 buckets are are all about you.  They are internal work. Then, in the next 5 buckets, we start venturing out into the world of relationships.  Bucket #8 is all about work performance and work relationships.

When you start putting yourself on the list of people you take care of, you start behaving very differently. Click To Tweet

When you are practicing self love, self care, and healing your inner child wounds, you show up happy. You show up empowered. Your head is held high, your confidence is up and you feel secure in the world.

colleagues in a meeting, drinking coffee and taking notes, building better relationships for higher work performanceWhen you start feeling secure in the world, and operating out of a sense of deep personal satisfaction and care, you take more pride in your work performance and your working relationships. Because you have learned how to express yourself in a loving way, and you have confidence to stand up for yourself, others don’t take advantage of you.

The work place becomes a place of fun, exchanging ideas, open communication, standing up for your needs and the needs of the company, and people start making more money!

As the company makes more money, you experience advancement in your position. As your confidence increases, your ability to handle responsibility increases, you begin to delegate and have more fun at work!


No Work Boundaries

10 Buckets for Work Life Balance: #8 Increase Your Work Performance by Building Better Relationships at Work and with OthersWhen you are exhausted, worn out, being taken advantage of, walked all over, and don’t have boundaries with others, it feels terrible (as we talked about in bucket #5).   When you are really good at your work, but have no self worth or boundaries, you may find yourself doing the work of 2 or sometimes 3 people without the rewards or even the acknowledgment! 

We all know someone like this.  That person who is really good at what they do, but they just let others take advantage of them, they do too much work, and don’t get compensated.  They complain and just look terribly run down and out of gas. This is a terrible feeling. Even worse if you feel “stuck” for financial reasons, or you don’t believe you can get something better.


Are you using the wrong bait?

buoys swimming in the ocean in front of a cliff, 10 Buckets for Work Life Balance: #8 Increase Your Work Performance by Building Better Relationships at Work and with OthersIt’s like fishing. You throw the cast in, and sometimes you wait. Sometimes you wait a long, long time, but eventually the fish will come. Sometimes, you use the right bait, and the fish come immediately. Sometimes, you are out there with marshmallows and hotdogs and the fish are biting like crazy… but you’re getting the wrong fish.

Working relationships and work performance are like that.

Sometimes, you’re using the wrong bait.

It doesn’t mean that you’re the wrong bait, it just means you’re the wrong bait for that fisherman looking for that fish.

When you know which fish you can catch, and where you need to be placed, it’s even worse when you’re not being used!  You’re watching them use the wrong bait, and you know you can do it, but they wont let you!  This is where confidence, self love and boundaries come in! 

When you value yourself and your strengths enough to know that you can do it, and you experience the confidence in your work performance and trust yourself, you will stand up and say, “let me do it!”  At that point, we start bringing in the fish!

The trouble is, when you aren’t confident, you don’t tell your fisherman where to place you!  You’re miserable and your work performance suffers.

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You learn to say, “cast the net over there, put me in it, I’ll get you what you want.” And then, they trust you, and you do, and then they want to use you again and again.

At this point though, you must use discernment and self love. You have become valuable to the company. You experience your value, and instead of being used, you allow yourself to honor that, by asking for compensation, creating win-win solutions, and making everyone more money!


What’s your bait?

  1. You get to know what kind of bait you are in your company.
  2. You get to know where you are most tasty.
  3. You get to tell the fisherman where to put you, to catch the most fish.

We all have gifts and talents.

Even though, at this point, you may not be living in your true gifts, passion or purpose, that’s OK. You are still valuable and you have something worthy to offer, no matter where you are working.

This is the beautiful part of this work. This is why I love coaching people. Because, even though you may not know exactly what your specific gifts, talents, purpose or calling are, even though you may not be that musician you want to be, or that lawyer or artist… you still have the value and the talents made for those jobs, and you can use your talents wherever you are. Start dabbling in them where you are!  

Watch what happens when you put your bait in the right pond.

If you are just absolutely clueless about what your bait is, book a breakthrough session with me. It’s Free.

Let’s see if we can get you on the road to knowing and loving yourself so much, that its easy and effortless for you to see your gifts, so that you can begin offering them at work, and getting compensated for them. So you can show up in a way where you are empowered and confident, and using your gifts.

Sometimes, its just a tiny little tweak and everything shifts. Click To Tweet

I recently had a phone call with a mom who has been struggling with her daughter. It was a 30 minute call. She was living in hell. Her daughter was hitting and punching her. I taught her 2 small tweaks, and she keeps sending me message after message about how different it is in her house now. One 30 minute phone call changed the course of their entire home environment, and the behavior of a child. If this behavior had continued, they would have started labeling the child. You can only imagine where it could have gone. But they were willing to have a coaching call, and make 2 tiny tweaks, and the behavior is GONE. Their daughter is sweet, and willing, and loving again.

It just takes little, tiny tweaks in your thinking or your behaving to get the life you want, to change your work performance and working relationships to make more money and have fun doing it.

Try it out. Sign up for a breakthrough session today.


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