LOVE ME FOR ME – Why we Hurt in our Relationships

5 Hour Relationship Workshop lead by Brian Haase and Heather Hundhausen where you will find out why we hurt, why we don’t feel as loved as we want, and why we’re not having our needs met in our relationships.  This workshop will show you how to diagnose and understand your relationship, show you healthy vs unhealthy patterns in relationships, the most common problems in relationships, how these problems affect you and how to identify if these problems exist in your relationship.

Tentative Date: October 17, 2015  $125    (9:30am-3pm with a lunch break)

LOVE ME FOR ME: How we overcome hurt in our relationships

3 day intensive workshop with hands-on, relational, experiential activities in a group setting with take home tools that will be learned which can be used and re-used, time and time again in all relationships.  Increased vulnerability, intimacy, boundaries, and openness will be explored.  Blockages that have been preventing you from achieving your ideal relationship will be addressed and broken through.

Friday 6pm-11pm; Saturday 9am-11pm; Sunday 9am-8pm