Peaceful Loving Parenting

two young boys on the beach with their family, symbolizing the results of peaceful parentingRedirecting Children’s Behavior – Weekend Parenting Workshop

  • What kind of life do you want for your child?
  • Do words like closeness, empowerment, joy, passion, self-esteem and bonding come to mind?
  • Unsure how to create these values into your life with your family?

Learn to redirect power struggles, “misbehaving” children, rebellious teenagers, and sibling rivalry… without punishment, threats, grounding or timeouts!

kid playing outside, demonstrating the power of inner child workJoin us for the Redirecting Children’s Behavior course.

You’ll learn parenting tools to boost self-esteem, enhance communication, foster love and create peace in your and your family’s life.

Upcoming Courses in Broward County

  • Private office, please e-mail us for upcoming courses, registration and location.
  • Registered Participants will receive e-mailed directions to course location.
  • One on One Private Parenting Coaching available


RCB Weekend Parenting Course

Couple rate applies to married couples, couples living together, couples parenting together, or x-spouses (other legal parent of child/ren) or other legal guardian of child/ren.

RCB Weekly Payment Plan

I understand if I select this option that I will be charged $49.50 every week for 12 weeks until the course is paid in full. I also understand that I must pay in full before attending the course.

RCB 3 Month Payment Plan

I understand if I select this option that I will be charged $210 every month for 3 months until the course is paid in full. I also understand that I must pay in full before attending the course.



  • Return to yourself
  • Honoring your Femininity and cycles
  • Connect to other women * The power of the Feminine Divine


Reclaiming Divine Femininity

CONNECT ON PURPOSE: Interpreting Your Body’s Signals for Greater Wisdom and Empowerment

Your body is always guiding you and influencing you in the decisions you make.  Are you listening?  There is no such thing as writers block.  There is just a disconnection between you and yourself.  Once you get reconnected with yourself, you will be able to produce everything that you want or need in your life.  It is when we become disconnected that we are not able to tap into our true creative, abundant, powerful, passionate selves.

Would you like to know what is next for you?  Would you like 8 hour empowerment workshop to increase awareness about blockages in your body and emotions that hold you back from living fully and intentionally in your power and purpose.


Connect On Purpose Workshop.


Connect On Purpose Workshop

Love Me for Me – Relationship Workshop

Have you ever felt like you’re not understood? Have you ever felt undervalued or underappreciated in your relationships? Do you feel lonely in your relationship? Do you have car rides that are filled with silence? Has boredom replaced laughter? Have you ever put on heels and garters and your wife didn’t even notice? (We’re not against that at all.)

This workshop will:

  • bring an awareness of why all these things happen
  • show you how to diagnose and understand your relationship
  • will show you why your relationship went from FUN to routine
  • explain why you’re not as loved as you want
  • show you healthy vs unhealthy patterns in relationships
  • cover the most common problems in relationships
  • unveil how these problems affect you
  • show you how to identify if these problems exist in your relationship